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Individual coaching tailored for women to END the struggle with food and feel free and empowered in this area of your life.

Do you feel like you’re stuck in the same cycle? Eat/guilt/shame/repeat?
With thoughts like –   
  • “I shouldn’t be eating this.”
  • “I know WHAT I need to do, I’m just not DOING it.”
  • “Why can’t I stop stress/boredom/~insert emotion~ eating?”
  • “I’ll start over tomorrow/Monday/X date”
  • Beating yourself up for eating “off plan.”

It makes TOTAL sense why you’ve been stuck in this cycle. As women, we’ve been subtly (or not so subtly) led to believe skinny = worthy. We might know logically this isn’t true but it’s a whoooolleee other ballpark TRULY believing this to our core. That’s where coaching comes in! 

Through my 3-Pillar Approach (targeted at our thoughts, feelings, and actions) I help you step OUT of this cycle to finally love yourself HARD.

And the happy bonus? You will LOVE your relationship with food.

Make sure to check out my Podcast (Expanding Nutrition) to do a deep dive of this with me. And don’t forget grab the FREE guide on The 4 Fuck-It Modes (and the Antidote to each)!

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